Mati Rocha

Web developer
Mati Rocha

Hi 👋, I’m Mati Rocha

I’m an Italo-Argentinian web developer, nowadays based in Buenos Aires 🇦🇷

I develop platforms and websites with PHP Stack since 4 years and add trending technologies such as ReactJs. My area of expertise lays in the back-end of my projects, but being honest I also have a good eye for the front-end side.

My language skills are: PHP, and Python for scrapping and data analysis. My favorite CMS is WordPress and I have strong experience developing with Laravel/Symfony framework.

In regard to the front-end I’m using JavaScript (Vanilla and JQuery) and I’ve recently started to develop some projects in React JS and NextJs (React Framework). This site, for example, is made with Frontity – The React framework for Headless WordPress – and deployed with Vercel △.

I have recently started to work on my final thesis project, studying machine learning and time series prediction using Python, to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Information Systems.

Hey… would you want to talk? Send me an email📨

This website is work in progress 💪

See you soon!